clarinet repair

You always adapt your approach to playing to match your equipment. If your equipment is problematic it will cause you to have to work a lot harder for acceptable results, and this takes all the fun out of clarinet playing.
The fact is the clarinet, unlike the oboe, will continue to “play” after a fashion in a variety of states of disrepair. Playing a clarinet that is in poor condition can seriously and even permanently affect your playing habits and technique. The really sad part about it is that the deterioration of the clarinet’s playing condition happens so gradually you don’t really notice just how hard you are having to work to play. The only real solution is to keep your clarinet in optimum condition. You’ll never know well you can play until your clarinet plays well.
Here at RCP we offer a full range of clarinet repair and customization services that will put your clarinet in optimum condition. Plus, with each complete overhaul comes the service of maintaining your instrument for an entire year. Your only cost for the free maintenance is the shipping!
Now don’t compare our services to the high-priced pad jockeys. We know clarinet repair from the inside out. This means we are prepared to put your clarinet in ideal acoustical condition as well as provide a finished mechanism and padding that are the state of the art in the industry.
In addition, our special silencing process for keys is our unique development. It produces the smoothest action you’ve ever felt on a clarinet and one that is virtually permanently silent. The days of getting your newly overhauled clarinet back only to have it become just as noisy as ever in only a few weeks or months are gone forever. With our speicial key silencing process traditionally noisy keys will be permanently silenced with no need to lubricate them! Think of it: Noise free and care free.

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